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Housing Program

The Thunderbird Clubhouse Housing Program is managed by members and staff. The clubhouse supports members in many facets regarding housing. Clubhouse owns three properties that members lease and they pay their rent directly to the Clubhouse. We also carry three Norman Housing Section 8 floating vouchers that our members can utilize to obtain housing. The clubhouse works with the Norman Housing Authority providing assistance during the process of obtaining members own Section 8 approval. We help them with applications, interviews and inspections with the housing authority.

Thunderbird Clubhouse also provides some moving assistance for those who need it by helping the members obtain help from contacts in the community.  Members and staff pull together to help make it a smooth transition to those who are moving to a new home. We also help members obtain furniture and household furnishings if needed utilizing contacts, member donations, outside donations, and various agencies.Members and staff actively reach out to help members keep their housing during long periods of absence from their home. We also take care of members pets if we are able.

If members are in need of help with utility and/or rental deposits, the clubhouse can utilize grants from HUD and the City of Norman to assist.

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