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Our campers this year! 2013 at Osage Hills

We had an annual camping trip tor 3 days in August 2013 and went to Osage Hills State Park. It was great fun and we are already planning our trip for next year. We may go back to Osage Hills or we may go somewhere else--we are looking forward to a new adventure.

We have socials at the Clubhouse playing bingo, games, watching movies and eating lunch. We also go shopping, have cook-outs at the lake, go out to the movies, go out to eat, to parades and to special community events. The Clubhouse celebrates holidays on the day they occur. We have an annual Christmas party and dance, a Halloween activity each year, and go on camping trips and to amusement parks. We also have fundraisers such as the Annual Clubhouse Golf Tournament, and yard sales. Socials are an opportunity where members can gather to foster and build relationships outside of the work-ordered day.


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