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Clerical Unit

The clerical unit is a great place at the Clubhouse to develop relationships. The unit meetings are at 9:15am and 1:15pm Monday through Friday. During these meetings we discuss the clerical unit work. Some of the work that the clerical unit does is:

  • Answering the phones
  • Keeping track of the attendance
  • Computer work
  • Publishing a monthly newsletter
  • Running a member bank
  • Orientation of new members

All of the work is designed for members to develop self-worth, purpose and confidence. We hope that when someone becomes a Clubhouse member that they choose to be a part of the clerical unit.

Culinary Unit

The Culinary Unit is where our meals are prepared on a daily basis. We are cooks with food handlers cards and prepare our own meals. We serve our meals as a restaurant would using waiters and waitresses. We are very proud of our new kitchen. The Culinary Unit maintains their own appliances. This includes a professional dishwasher unit, 2 large refrigerators, a freezer, dining area, kitchen office, and the snackbar.

Health and Wellness

The Culinary Unit is the front-runner to introducing health & wellness to the Clubhouse. This is the main focus of the Culinary Unit. Every day at lunch, the unit provides healthy meals with the nutrition content posted at each table. The Culinary Unit meets bi-weekly with a nutritonist to try out new menu ideas.

The purpose of the Health & Wellness is to raise awareness of how our physical health can affect our mental health.


The functions of the snackbar are often referred to as a "unit within a unit". At the snackbar they sell items like coffee, soda, water, juice, hot chocolate, pastries, salty snacks and things for that sweet tooth, all at a low cost. The snackbar also sells fresh fruits and veggies at a lower cost than the other items to help promote health & wellness.

There are usually 2 people running the snackbar at a time. They take the daily lunch reservations and provide meal tickets. They also take inventory of snackbar items and keep it stocked. The snackbar also maintains the social account. The money in the social account is used for outings such as going to an amusement park, camping, long road trips, etc.


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